Made for your Safety ... ... available for ZAMBONI® as well as OLYMPIA® ice-resurfacing-machines
`Touchless` blade-handling
Completely eliminate the danger of
cutting your fingers by moving the
Blade just with the Magnetic-
and carry out a
`touchless` blade-changing

roll blade-changer
under conditioner ...

clamp left side
to conditioner ...

clamp right side
to conditioner ...

change your blade
Smart Hex-Pin System
The spring-loaded Hex-Pins hold
all screws in place when tightening/
loosening the nuts from above.
... available for Zamboni® 77" , 86" and 96" blades (all models, incl. Zamboni 200) as well as for Olympia® 80" and 84" blades. Other models and brand machines on inquiry.

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